I’ll be honest. At first, I just fancied my chances of winning an iPad. All that was asked were some ideas to improve the business.

A few months later (and one iPad better off), I was being offered a fairly rare opportunity in the employment world- a newly created role to build from scratch. Communications Assistant for a firm wide improvement project. They would be looking to me to communicate the coming changes to the rest of the business, in offices around the country.

After years pigeonholed in customer service and administrative positions, here was a chance to use my skill with the written word beyond my own personal endeavors.

But the role has proven to be more than simply describing changes with words and has led me down some very interesting paths.

Change management, psychology, communication and motivation have been influencing my content as much as the changes themselves. The addition of storyboards, posters and graphics from InDesign have expanded my methods of message delivery beyond emails, articles, reports and intranet pages. The delivery of presentations, workshops and speeches to stakeholders across the board are testing my voice.

Now, I’m turning my attention towards other interests I have in content production; business, travel, adventure and life.



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